Sweden is revealing

They say Sweden is boring. I don’t know. Not for me at least. I’d say Sweden is comfortable in all meanings. Somehow they manage to design their life, mentality and environment in a way it becomes ultimately convenient and user-friendly. Their roads are smooth, their pace is low, meal portions are huge and sexual freedom exists. They satisfy basic needs from shelter to affiliation easily and with pleasure so that the only thing you have to do after is to self-actualize. Also slowly and with pleasure. That’s why they have such an awesome design and such a terrible ballet. This is no-pressure culture.

Sweden is a therapy for broken-minded who are used to «clear the hurdle» since childhood. You don’t owe anyone here and this fact removes the vast majority of your classical inner conflicts between «should» and «want». Here your life choices become more exciting than difficult and soon you surprisingly find yourself bravely dreaming about no matter what. It’s OK here to dream even if you are an adult.

Sweden is spacious. There are plenty of places where you can be alone here. Today I lost myself on rocks of Southern Archipelago an it was perfect. Diffused sunlight, and insightful seagulls, and rare waves slapping stones, and textures of ground and clouds… Well, I do realize perfectness is subjective. For someone silence of Swedish streets on weekends is eerie. For me it’s revealing.



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