Skagen. A perfect escape destination

The tiny tranquil town Skagen in the very north of Denmark met us with purely Scandinavian Sunday emptiness. There were no people on the streets, but there was plenty of sunshine, yellow houses and wind. Behind the last line of backyards we found three kilometers of dunes, which end with the lighthouse with a cute cafe inside, and after, it there were nothing but freedom and sands. Couple kilometers more, and here you are, the cape of Grenen, the place where the Baltic and the Northern sea meets. In the summer time, there is a little train commuting between the town and the cape bringing tourists to this mini-version of the edge of the world. Too bad we didn’t catch it in September.











If you are a social traveller, who enjoys also nice talks and cosy cafes, make sure you come to Skagen on weekday. We failed to find even one single open dinner place. However, I personally was pretty happy eating cold sandwiches and drinking sparkling wine on the bench at the train station. My hair was messy and pockets were full of sand. The evening was coming slowly and turning of bright colors of the town one by one. There was half an hour till our train to Aarhus left.



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