Tides and tiles in Whitley Bay

Photos do not fit the text AT ALL in this post

Peace caught me unexpectedly in a small town of Whitley Bay in the North East of England. I was lying on the bed listening to wind outside the window and suddenly felt this clear state of mind, transparent and revealing as if I had taken ketanov after several hours of severe pain. Whitley Bay lays in forty minutes driving from Newcastle and I have never heard about this place before. It was that part of my work that I love: finding myself in a places where I would never ever go under other circumstances. To be honest, I didn’t want to go to this project. Visa application process was humiliating and expensive, timing short, research proposal for master thesis begged to spend more time with him and, generally, I was full of winter uncosiness and indecisiveness and just wanted to spend more time in my beloved Sweden. But I had to go. Duties, you know.

Photo by Sonya

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